How the ADM impacts your investment

The Protector is a custom-designed technology that doesn't exist anywhere else. As a result, the source code of the protector is hidden to keep MetaGold competitive in the ever-changing crypto space.

As an investor here's what you need to know

The automatic adjustment of sales limits using AI technology helps protect investors by: 1. Preventing market saturation 2. Stabilization of growth
Additionally, the use of AI technology ensures that the sales limits are always set at the optimal level, providing an added layer of protection for investors. This can give more confidence for the Investors to invest and hold MetaGold for longer periods.

When will the Protector activate and Deactivate

The Protector activates using an algorithmically calculated regression threshold to determine a specific point in which the trend or pattern deviates beyond normal expectations. As MetaGold grows and matures, so does The Protector. When The Protector activates a sales limit of 1% every 24 hours is imposed until market conditions return favourable. The Protector accounts for normal fluctuations in a highly-volatile crypto environment. It is programmed to detect any unusual changes or patterns that may indicate market manipulation, or significant sell-offs which would harm the project.