How to Stake Stable Coins

How to stake stablecoins

Stable coin staking is available on the Decentralized Application (DAPP) created for MetaGold.

Step by step guide to stable coin staking:

  1. To stake stable tokens, connect your wallet to our DAPP.

  2. Select currency you would like to stake (BUSD, USDT, USDC)

  3. Enter amount you would like to stake

  4. Click/tap stake button.

The Stake Overview section highlights a stake prior to it being executed.

Once your stake is complete, it will transfer to "Your Staked Stable Coins" Tab, that's where you will be able to manage your stake and collect your reward once matured.

Unstaking your Investment

At the date of maturity, either 365 days or 730 days after your initial lock. You will be able to withdraw your stake and rewards with no penalty. This can be done by accessing the DAPP and clicking on "withdraw" button. In the event that you would like to withdraw your funds before the maturity date, a 50% deduction will take place. It is unwise to do so, however it is understandable during emergency situations to need access to funds, that is why this option is available. When withdrawing an active stake prematurely, you run the risk of exiting during unfavourable circumstances thus relying on collateralized assets to withdraw funds. Please note that there are two different buttons (Withdraw Stake, Emergency Withdraw).

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