Decentralization of MetaGold

MetaGold is a trustless project!

MetaGold contracts are pier to pier networks. Completely immutable, upon deployment and initialization, contract ownership is renounced with no functionality granted to the deploying account and no administrative keys. All users, including developers have equal access and equal rights to the contracts functionality.

There is no person, business or entity in control of MetaGold contracts and ecosystem. That being said, team members are subject to pre-determined controlled release of vested tokens over time. The daily operations such as web design and marketing have no link to tokens.

As a result of decentralization there is no support team for MetaGold, if your wallet is compromised as a result of a phishing scam, nothing can be done. Nobody has the power to revoke access to the use of MetaGold smart contracts. If you are unfamiliar with common scams or phishing attempts ensure you read carefully the risk disclaimer to educate yourself on securing your blockchain assets.

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