MetaGold Staking

Digital Gold Certificate of Deposits.

MetaGold Staking

MetaGold staking allows users to lock up their tokens for a predetermined period of time in exchange for staking rewards. The staking rewards are earned through the distribution of new tokens and an inflation rate. The amount of shares a stake gets is determined and tracked in the MetaGold Contract. The longer the stake, the higher the rewards.

How MetaGold Staking Works

When a user opens a stake, their MetaGold tokens are burned and saved in the contract as the stake's principal. In return, shares are created, which represent the stake size and length. These shares are used to earn daily staking rewards. The rewards are generated by minting new tokens and distributed to stakers. To combat inflation, the staking rewards wallet burns the equivalent of the stakes reward.

Staking will not be available forever

It is important to note that the staking option will be discontinued when the rewards wallet is depleted. The reason for this is to control inflation and maintain the integrity of the 21,000,000 maximum supply of MetaGold tokens. Projection models estimate that staking can be fully supported for 5 years without any inflation. This is entirely dependent on market conditions such as the demand for MetaGold Staking.

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