Supply Distribution

Limited Supply of 21,000,000 Tokens

Supply Distribution:

The maximum amount of MetaGold available is capped at 21,000,000 tokens.

  • 2.5 Million of Total Supply will be available for purchase during PreSale.

  • 1.25 Million of Total Supply is available for seed funding rounds.

  • 1 Million of Total Supply is available for Migration from MetaGold V1 to MetaGold V2.

  • 14.5 Million of Total Supply will be used for staking rewards.

  • 875,000 of Total Supply will be used for founders vested and scheduled to release over two years.

  • 875,000 of Total Supply will be used for community development including but not limited to Airdrops, Giveaways, Community Rewards.

New Supply is minted by users who stake their MetaGold. Tokens are minted when users end a stake and withdraw their rewards. As these rewards are minted, the rewards wallet burns the equivalent allowing the staker to gain a larger percentage of the supply.

A percentage of MetaGold tokens are burned when users sell tokens. This means, initially the coin will be inflationary however over the long-term MetaGold will become deflationary.

Total Supply: At any point, the actual total supply of MetaGold can be found by interacting with the smart contract using the function totalSupply(). This will take the circulating supply, plus the MetaGold that is locked in active stakes.

function allocatedSupply() external view returns (uint256)

{ return totalSupply() + globals.totalStaked; }

Supply Inflation:

MetaGold supply is hard capped at 21,000,000 tokens and will never exceed this amount. As staking rewards are minted, a rewards wallet burns the same amount. In other words, MetaGold Inflation Rate is 0%. As the token matures it will become deflationary as 1% of every transaction is burned.

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