MetaGold Staking Rewards

MetaGold Staking Rewards Structure:

MetaGold staking rewards are generated by minting new tokens and are distributed to stakers. The share of rewards a user receives is determined by the amount and length of their stake, with longer stakes earning a higher percentage of rewards. Staking MetaGold Earns a Maximum of 85% APY

3 Months: 12% APY 6 Months: 24% APY 1 Year 75% APY 2 Years: 94.5% APY

What Happens when the MetaGold Rewards Wallet is Depleted?

When the rewards wallet is depleted, the staking option for MetaGold will be discontinued. This means that users will no longer be able to open new stakes or earn rewards for staking their MetaGold tokens. This will not impact already open stakes, nor does it affect any other aspect of the project, such as the use and trading of MetaGold tokens or Stable Coin Staking.

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