Stable Coin Staking Rewards

What Rewards Can You expect

Stable coin staking is a central component of MetaGold's business model, and represents a key utility for our token holders. By time-locking their stable coins, investors are able to earn a reward, as a percentage of their stake, through the use of a proprietary AI trading bot.

At present, only a specific basket of stable coins are accepted for staking on the Binance Smart Chain:

  • BUSD

  • USDT

  • USDC

It's important to note, tokens of the ERC-20 standard or any other blockchain are not able to be staked.

The rewards structure for staking is consistent across all three supported stable coins, with an annual percentage yield (APY) ranging from 25% APY for 1 year - 30% APY for 2 years. Any excess returns generated by the trading bot are directed towards buybacks of MetaGold tokens, providing long-term buy pressure for the token.

It is possible, though rare, for the returns on stable coin staking to fall below the 25% threshold. This can occur in instances of market manipulation or other external factors beyond the control of the algorithm.

All stable coin stakes are fully collateralized at a ratio of 1:1. Meaning that investors will not incur any losses on their principal investment nor have issues of liquidity when withdrawing stakes.

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