How to Stake MetaGold

All staking functions can be performed on the MetaGold Decentralized Application (DAPP).

Opening and Closing a Stake:

Here's a step by step guide to staking your MetaGold.

  1. Open MetaGold DAPP, connect your wallet and go to staking tab.

  2. Enter amount you would like to stake.

  3. Select duration for stake to achieve desired reward.

  4. Overlook stake in stake overview tab.

  5. Click/tap stake button to confirm.

All MetaGold Stakes can be managed in "Your Staked MetaGold" tab.

Once a stake has reached maturity, you can select "claim reward" button and this will mint staked principal and rewards and add them to your wallet. In the background, the rewards wallet will also burn staking rewards.

MetaGold will never penalize your staked rewards or principal in the event you do not claim your rewards on time. However, please note you will not earn any extra rewards for leaving a stake open beyond maturity date.

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