MetaGold Token

MetaGold Token

MetaGold is the sole token needed to use basic features available.

The core purpose of the MetaGold token is to provide a decentralized, digital alternative to traditional gold investment. It represents a certificate of deposit for gold stored in a secure, fully-auditable, and insured vault. The token's limited supply and algorithmic token burn mechanism provide a level of scarcity and stability not found in other digital assets, making it a unique investment opportunity for those looking to hedge their portfolios against inflation.

How to get MetaGold:

MetaGold tokens can be obtained through participating in the MetaGold PreSale or by purchasing them on a cryptocurrency exchange. Purchase MetaGold on PancakeSwap MetaGold is transferrable and can be gifted from one wallet to another! Please note that there is a 5-Day (120 Hour) freeze on MetaGold tokens post transfer. This time is allotted for security and price stability purposed. Additionally, MetaGold tokens can also be obtained by staking the tokens in the MetaGold DAPP in exchange for a predetermined reward.

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