MetaGold Decentralized Application

New Age DeFi

MetaGold facilitates transactions through the use of its Decentralized Application (DAPP). The DAPP is essential to MetaGold and is the link between the investor and smart contracts. The DAPP functions as a personalized hub for transactions and stakes, where MetaGold holders can view all pertinent information, without any restrictions, intermediaries, controllers, admins or external service. This application can also be used to buy and sell MetaGold.

The MetaGold DAPP allows users to stake their MetaGold tokens in exchange for a predetermined reward. It also functions as a decentralized exchange (DEX), enabling users to buy and sell MetaGold tokens directly on the platform.

Additionally, Staking is not limited to the native token MetaGold, select stable tokens are also available for staking. - BUSD - USDT - USDC Click here to learn more about staking features.

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